Just William Collection

Author: Richmal Compton
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
Format: mp3
Language: English
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Just William is the first book of children's short stories about the young school boy William Brown, written by Richmal Crompton, and published in 1922. The book was the first in the series of William Brown books which was the basis for numerous television series, films and radio adaptations. Just William is also sometimes used as a title for the series of books as a whole, and is also the name of various television, film and radio adaptations of the books. Disk 01 The Christmas Truce Only Just in Time The Midnight Adventure of Miss Montague William and the Musician William Leads a Better Life Disk 02 William and the Twins Williams Birthday William and the Little Girl The Outlaws and Cousin Percy William and the Princess Goldilocks Disk 03 The Sweet Little Girl in White A Birthday Treat The Outlaws and the Triplets A Bit of Blackmail William Makes a Night of It Disk 04 William and the Lost Tourist The leopard Hunter The New Neighbour William the Philanthropist William and the Prize Cat Disk 05 William Holds the Stage William and the School Report All the News Aunt Arabelle in Charge Disk 06 Williams Goodbye Present William the Salvage Collector Williams Day Off Disk 07 Entertainment Provided William and the Brains Trust William and the Bomb Disk 08 William Goes Shopping Violet Elizabeth Runs Away William and the Real Laurence Disk 09 The Outlaws and the Hidden Treasure William and the Fairy Daffodil The Best Laid Plans Disk 10 Mrs Botts Hat William Starts the Holiday William Plays Santa Claus Disk 11 Wililam and the Snowman Revenge is Sweet William and the Black Cat Interview with Richmal Crompton Womans Hour BBC Radio 4 18 July 1968 Disk 12 William and the Russian Prince Williams Busy Day William