Author: Rider Haggard
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
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Language: English
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Cleopatra lies asleep. Harmachis looks down at the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. One arm pillows her head. Her dark hair flows all around her. The rich lips are parted in a smile. Her limbs are draped in a gauzy robe. The sight of Cleopatra's beauty strikes the young Egyptian with all the power of a mortal blow. And for a moment, Harmachis aches with grief because he has to kill a thing so lovely! This novel, first published in 1889, is an adventure story set in the Ptolemaic era of ancient Egypt. The Egyptian priesthood attempts to overthrow Queen Cleopatra in order to drive out the Romans and restore Egypt to a golden age. About the author Sir Henry Rider Haggard is best known for his African adventure novels, notably King Solomons Mines and She.