An Unwilling Bride

Author: Jo Beverley
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
Format: mp3
Language: English
Page Count: 0
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SHE VOWED TO DESPISE HIM... Miss Elizabeth Armitage was certain the world had gone mad! The school teacher wanted nothing more than to live her life free of the shackles of matrimony. Yet, after a harrowing meeting with the elderly Duke of Belcraven, Beth found herself forced into wedding his heir, the dashing Lucien de Vaux. Caught in an aristocrat's web, Beth was determined to despise her betrothed. Yet when she began to find pleasure in Lucien's company-and his worldly kisses-she summoned all her sharp wits to keep from bowing to his arrogant will, or surrendering her well-guarded heart! HE PLEDGED TO SEDUCE HER Lucien was less than pleased to be forced into marriage in order to claim the duke's title and estate. And this woman especially rankled him-- she was a nobody, a commoner-yet on a twist of fate she was the only link to continuing the bloodline for the de Vaux. The trouble was the chit's spitting temper. In defiance, she refused to act the part of an aristocrat, rejecting even the family jewels! He vowed to win her submission-for he was a master player at seduction, and Miss Armitage would soon learn she'd begun a dangerous game...

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