High Heels and Homicide

Author: Kasey Michaels
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
Format: mp3
Language: English
Page Count: 0
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When mystery author Maggie Kelly pops across the pond for a movie shoot--accompanied by her once-fictional, now all-too-real (not to mention sexy) hero, Alexandre, Viscount Saint Just--she's in for a jolly good time... We are not amused... Don't get me wrong--there was plenty to laugh about when we first arrived in Merry Olde England to watch one of my novels being shot as a TV movie. Alex was delighted with the location (a seventeeth-century manor house), but horrified with the surfer-dude mimbo playing him. I, personally, found the situation hilarious... until the scriptwriter showed up. Dead. Lights, camera...action! No, not that kind of action. Hmmmm...on second thought... Okay, so things are suddenly getting hot and heavy between Alex and me--and our timing is atrocious as usual, what with the murder and mayhem. Suspects? Don't get me started. There's Mr. Contemptuous Director, Ms. Man-Crazy Production Assistant, Mr. Fancy Pants English Actor, Ms. Diva Leading Lady, and...yours truly. Yep, I was seen arguing with the victim right before his unfortunate demise, so I am, as the Brits would say, in a bit of a pickle...

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